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What is the Major Difference Between Your Driving And Chauffeurs Driving

Saturday, December, 16, 2017

You might wonder why there is a saying of “chauffeur” who is nothing but another name for ‘driver’ which we say in a much formal way.

But that’s not true as like the vocabulary there is a difference in their responsibility as well. If you compare yourself with a chauffeur then you may have to stand at the last position of ranking.

Let us throw some light on chauffeur and compare it with a normal driver


Chauffeurs are professional drivers who dress-up stylishly and splendidly. He never leaves your car and stands close to it, his duty is to drive nevertheless to serve his owner by opening the door or lifting the luggage. What you will do, you drive for your own conveyance like from office to home or home to office, drive through the gutter and muddy roads which cover up your car with dust and several impacts that let your car to service again.

You cannot expect the same from a chauffeur because his driving would line-up your through best roads, the short-cut he prefers will never have either a patchwork; the route might be of longer distance but the speed he adjusts will give you a remainder in his favor only.


Chauffeurs underwent a rigorous training from a reputed training provider like Wings Chauffeurs before they are practically put in the vehicles, they even gave training with all type of  vehicles like SUV, MUV, sedan, Limousines etc. which made them a safe and secure driver for anyone. How you drive your car, you might learn your driving from your loved ones or through a driving school which is not enough to stand like a chauffeur.

Admire His Work
A chauffeur always respects his job and find privileged when someone hires. His uniform is fresh and clean. He treats the car as like his own body part.
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Honest & Distinct

A chauffeur will always hear what the owner says to him and remember each word so that he can prevent those mistakes; and you… never accept your mistakes.

Now, you got the points that who drive a safe and comfortable ride!!!


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